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St. Louis City SC had a historic 2023 season, as a new franchise drop-kicking their way into the playoffs. With so much hype around the new club and new stadium, the CITY SC team at CITY PARK tapped KLANCE UNLIMITED to help bring fan engagement to the next level.


New MLS franchise St. Louis City SC sought to add a hoisted tifo to their fan section. After initial discussions with KLANCE on how to make this a reality, the design and rigging team came together to plan, create, and deploy a custom solution that was practical, reliable, and most importantly, safe.


Crowd MGMT

Crowd flow & fan engagement

Custom Fabrication

Consultation, design, build & deployment of TIFO


Choreographed raising of TIFO Display


Klance Unlimited is a St. Louis-based event production company with extensive custom fabrication, rigging, and hoisting experience, becoming the go-to provider for installing and raising the tifo displays at St. Louis CITY SC home games.
TIFO banners are large, and raising them above a crowd of fans is no easy task. The elaborate displays require extensive engineering, specialized rigging and hoist setups to install safely and effectively in a stadium environment. Klance Unlimited provided consultation on design, materials, size specifications, and other logistics to ensure the displays can be installed and raised properly.
On game days, Klance arrives early to rig the overhead tifo anchoring points and prepare for the safe installation of the fan-made banner itself. The vibrant, custom-tifo displays have become an emblem of the energetic atmosphere at City Park. Fans in-stadium, and at home, eagerly await the reveal of each new design as Klance’s experienced crew flawlessly raises up the tifo.
By leveraging their specialized rigging expertise and safety practices, Klance Unlimited has provided crucial support to help City SC’s leadership create impactful game day experiences. The partnership has been a resounding success.


ti·fo /ˈtēˌfō/ noun: a choreographed display in which fans in a sports stadium raise a large banner together or simultaneously hold up signs that together form a large image.

Tifo isn’t just for the fans, it’s by the fans. Since the inaugural home match, numerous fan groups have funded, designed, and built the massive banners seen in the Supporter’s Section, colloquially referred to as ‘The North End’ including names such as St. Louis City Punks, St. Louligans, STL Santos, The Thieves, No Nap City Ultras, &  Fleur de Noise.

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