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Chabad of Greater St. Louis reached out to Klance with an ambitious idea to offer a shining light of hope to the Jewish community by erecting a twenty-nine foot menorah, equipped with dynamic light displays in St. Louis’ Kiener Plaza Park, near the Gateway Arch.


While ‘The Staenberg Menorah’ is an impressive sight to see, the process getting there was a feat in itself as Chabad and Klance raced to plan, engineer, fabricate, test, then install the massive structure in time for 2023’s Hanukkah celebration.


Custom Fabrication

Consult, design, & build 29' Menorah


Assembly & lighting ceremony

Rapid Response

6 week turnaround from plan to install


Klance Unlimited is a St. Louis-based event production & fan experience company with extensive custom event activations, design, fabrication, rigging, and hoisting experience, which made us a perfect fit for this project.
In the wake of a wave of antisemitism throughout the US following Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, 2023 – the Jewish community and its allies needed a shining light to bring hope in a time of darkness. What better to do so than a glowing mega-menorah?
Enter Chabad of Greater St. Louis & Michael Staenberg the philanthropist & president of St. Louis Jewish Light’s Board of Trustees who devised what would become the tallest menorah west of the Mississippi.
Wanting it in time for Hannukah, the Jewish holiday characterized by the nine-branched candelabrum, the Klance team raced to turn this symbol of hope into a reality.
It began as a ‘napkin sketch’ by our designer, taken by our engineering team to AutoCAD what would become 250 feet of truss, 31 lights, and 130 volts of electricity powering through the structure.

“I think the message of this menorah is that despite everything going on in our world, the Jewish people stand tall, proud and confident”

Rabbi Yosef LandaDirector of Chabad of Greater St. Louis


Klance made sure to give attention to detail, even with a six-week turnaround going as far as designing the lights in a way that replicates the light of the oil-lit candles used in real menorahs. Safety was also thought through, ensuring structural integrity and potential vandalism or attempts to damage the large edifice.

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