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With large projector screens & fixed LCD panels, screens are nothing new to the event industry. Yet limitations like brightness, environmental limitations, and lack of versatility meant these existing options wouldn’t cut it for many event types.  A little ambient light & projectors are rendered useless, while its brighter alternative, LCD panels can be fried from a simply a drizzle of rain.
In 2020 Klance Unlimited introduced massive, mobile LED screens that solved these problems, while also offering an affordable rental solution that can be packed/unpacked in places that were not possible with traditional methods. Here’s a variety of occasions we’ve found are perfect to put an LED Screen at the front & center of your next event! 👇🏼

Event Types That Desperately Need Mobile LED Screens

1. Concerts

Ensure there’s no bad seat in the house by extending the stage far beyond the pit! With the ability to extend on-stage graphics offstage with a small footprint, concert goers will have an immersive experience no matter where they’re sitting!

2. Tailgates & Sporting Events

Nothing takes pre-gaming to the next level like a LED screen or stream all game long. They were a huge success for NHL events here in Saint Louis were the IP65-rated LED panels operated in inclement weather including rain and wind while still providing amazing visibility.

3. Festivals & Fairs

Communication is key for any successful event, and our LED screens bring just that to any festival or fair. They provide an easy way for organizers to display event maps, sponsors, stage line-up & more, even in full daylight.

4. Races & Run/Walks

Whether it’s charity walk, a cross fit competition, or a community 5k… LED screens keep the audience on their toes and in the loop! With support for laptop & hotspot internet connections, you have the ability to show live info like racers’ positions, times, or even a view of the finish line!

5. Worship Events

Hallelujah, there is a way to keep any congregation engaged! LED screens can be used to display hymn lyrics, scripture readings, as well as communicate with the church community important information & events coming up! We offer an on-site service technician that can handle all the technicalities.

6. Business Awareness

Mobile screens are the perfect sidewalk, or parking lot ornament to draw people into any promoting like a new location or special sale. Daily or weekly rental options make this a very affordable alternative to billboards or trailer signage.

7. Movie Nights & Block Parties

Using an outdoor space becomes a lot easier when working with a screen that can be raised up & pivoted left or right with the push of a button, turning any field, cul-de-sac, or even driveway, into a film-worthy theatre.

8. Fundraisers

Highlight event info & sponsors or encourage healthy competition among donors by displaying real-time contributions. All while keeping costs down by renting by the hour.

9. Graduation & School Functions

Show the audience close-up shots of every student walking across the stage & highlight important keynote speeches as well! Our large display screens can also hook up to shore power, avoiding any down time (no matter how long the valedictorian rambles on).

10. Parades & Rallies

Keep everyone marching to the same beat by displaying things like parade routes, or safety & road closures. Nomadic events are where these screens shine as we can display while moving!

11. Trade Shows & Conventions

With numerous screen sizes, our displays work just as well for individual booths, as they do for event-wide use. It’s a great way to display the show’s itinerary, floor-plan, and for vendors to stand out among the competition’s dinky little table-top TVs.

BONUS: Golf Tournaments

Hit a hole-in-one for your next golf tournament by keeping everyone on the course informed. Show your participants the scores, leaderboards, and with the self-contained generator– you can plop one all the way out on hole 9 without running any electric!

Light-Up Your Event With Klance

12’ x 7’

LED Mobile Screen, Power, & Hotspot

17’ x 10’

LED Mobile Screen, Power, & Hotspot

33’ x 19’

LED Mobile Screen, Power, & Hotspot