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Pro Sports Are Back, Here’s How They’re Doing It

There really is nothing better than going to the stadium, eating an overpriced bratwurst, drinking overpriced beer, and yelling at your favorite athletes, right?

Well, with the Covid-19 vaccine’s rolling out, fans are excited to start cheering on their teams in person again!

Safety is still the number one priority for the fans and athletes, and all those behind the scenes. So, how are stadium managers, event producers, and sports teams lowering the risk for everyone involved?

Here’s how.
The St. Louis Cardinals just had their home opener on April 8. Busch Stadium allowed for 30% fan capacity. That’s approximately 13,000 fans, all socially distanced.
Along with limiting occupancy, stadiums are implementing certain guidelines for guests to reduce their risk.
These precautions can include:
  • No bags allowed
  • Cashless Payment
  • No touch trash cans
  • Physical barriers between fans and players
  • Sitting in pods with only your group/household members
  • Wearing a mask at all times, except when eating or drinking
  • No drink or food service provided to seats
Stadiums and all of the event industry are doing their best to provide a risk free environment so fans can get back to supporting the teams they love! Here’s some ways to ensure you’re producing safe events.
  1. Protect Your Employees
  • Provide your staff with all the necessary PPE to lower their risk.
  • Social distance your staff as often and as best you can.
2. Social Distance
  • Enforce the social distancing of fans and players based on your local health & safety guidelines.
  • Install barriers and distance stickers at common place areas.
3. Provide Proper Sanitization
  • The goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for fans, athletes and employees.
  • Sanitization stations should be in place throughout the venue, as well as proper sanitizing of seats, bathrooms, and common place areas between uses.
Together, we can get back to doing the things we love! With a little help from each other, and following CDC Covid-19 protocol. Check out our 2021 Event Comeback guidebook to learn more about planning safe events in 2021!

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